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Planning My Financial Future
Lindsay Lohan
How are you financially planning for your future?
Buy everything I can think of possibly someday needing???

Does that count as planning for my Financial Future?

The way I see it, if I already have it I won't need to buy it, if I don't need to buy something I don't need money. Therefore any money I do have is surplus to my needs.

That is the definition of wealth.

What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?
Lindsay Lohan
What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?
The hardest thing about looking for a new job is keeping the inspiration that drove you to start your search.

Just when you have your heart set on a new plan of action you have a really good day that makes you question if you really want things to change.

Less than a week later you remember why you wanted a new job... DAMMIT!!

Moral of the story: When you get in inspired, Act fast!

I am LiLlo!
Lindsay Lohan
My favorite Lindsay Lohan character to date is Rachel in Georgia rule, now I'm sure i can see this same character of sorts played by Hilary Duff in her new movie Greta, i have only seen previews but from what i can see her character is much more developed.

I loved Lindsays character but maybe i have to admit that she could have been so much more...

My favorite TV show is skins, just finished watching season 3, can you guess? my favorite character is Effy.  She has this exact same type of character, except this is one really messed up girl, more like Lindsay in real life except still somehow 100 times worse.

Now i'm starting to think it might be a little messed up that i'm so intrigued by this character type, the more i see of it...

See in Georgia rule, it now seems like such an innocent example of it by comparason, but it shows all these girls are messed up emotionally by things that have happened in their lives and this is their way of dealing with that.  Kind of having this I don't give a shit attitude, and hurting others so they don't get hurt so much themselves.

Effy is a real piece of work, who you would like to say that you should stay the hell away from, but really there's more to her inside.  In fact there is more inside all of these girls.  They are all hurting emotionally.  They want the easy way out and not have to face up to how they ever really feel, emo these girls ain't, dispite Gretas journal writing, it ain't poetry by any means.

They are actually the type of girl who someone needs to be brave and actually give a shit about them, care about them, respect them, make their life worth giving a shit about.

Maybe then I can see a little of this character in me after all, that girl inside that feels misunderstood sometimes, that just wants someone to reach out and give a damn, whether or not they understand.

So I guess I can be a little relieved that I am by no means as messed up as any of these characters.


Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies
Lindsay Lohan
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?
aren't you meant to name them after yourself somehow ...traditionally?

i shall call it LiLlo :P

It's Omegle ...Bitch!
Lindsay Lohan
Pretty safe to say I'm addicted to this.  OMG how funny and completely amazing is it?! It's hard to believe this only launched on the 25th of March, I wouldn't go as far as saying it has taken the world be storm yet, but it does appear to have taken over LJ, amongst other forums out there, and is growing in popularity everyday

i really want to post up on ONTD but i'm not a member yet ***insert sad face*** i feel so left out, but i'm following the thread, well most of the 150 pages that have already been posted, and all i can say is LOL. This is some great time wasting  fall off your chair laughing fun!!

Now you can have a chat about anything you like but let's face it we have all decided that this is a game ...and it must be played or you will be disconnected. basically the aim is to stay in character or the theme and not break it, people have different versions but they all work.

I have been using Britney Spears songs.  It's amazing I thought more people would know the words but don't. So yes it is AMAZING when someone plays along, whether they help you write out the lyrics or you have a conversation using those lines, or variations of them.

I even wrote what can only be described as an emo poem will some random stranger, maybe they are emo or maybe they just like me played with what we had at the time, but the result was, yes, AMAZING! and this is why this is addictive.

you may get asked gaga or britney. gaga, no fail. hmmm it's britney ...bitch. in retrospec that one was obvious, but are the answers always obvious or are people sometimes just asking if you have the same taste as them? and you fail if you don't, doesn't matter it's their game, you play yours, they can fail that too. but the idea is to work with each other, but sometimes that's hard ...especailly if you haven't memorised every line from twilight and harry potter before you jump on Omegle. you will feel a little overwhelmed by all the dazzling.

edward? bella is that you? dazzle me!

god? yes my son...


Question:Why does EVERYONE seem to be from brazil? really it's like automatic disconnect when that comes up ...i wonder if they are feeling that? LOL ...it's not racist it's a case of  i don't want to actually chat thanks ...asl?? PLEASE!! ...it's all about THE GAME!!

What do you do when someone wants cybersex? hmm i just busted out Ashlee Simpson lyrics "Lala" ...LOL they didn't even realise!

Seen Lindsay Lohan's new ad for Fornarnia? You might want to memorise those random words after all or you will FAIL ...everything in the world is fair game for THE GAME the more you know the smarter you can be at playing, i just busted out a "Lilo" cause i couldn't remember the lines and they were typing fast ...that was good enough ...but I think this is a case of embrace your Poco!

have you seen my pokerface? ...LOL

Question:What does BB actually mean?

Question:Are WE the "Trolls" they are trying to control on Omegle? .........................................................................................................LOL

Well it's almost been two weeks of this fun, will we still be talking about this after that or was this a passing fad? Only time will tell

xoxo labellavitall


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