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I am LiLlo!
Lindsay Lohan
My favorite Lindsay Lohan character to date is Rachel in Georgia rule, now I'm sure i can see this same character of sorts played by Hilary Duff in her new movie Greta, i have only seen previews but from what i can see her character is much more developed.

I loved Lindsays character but maybe i have to admit that she could have been so much more...

My favorite TV show is skins, just finished watching season 3, can you guess? my favorite character is Effy.  She has this exact same type of character, except this is one really messed up girl, more like Lindsay in real life except still somehow 100 times worse.

Now i'm starting to think it might be a little messed up that i'm so intrigued by this character type, the more i see of it...

See in Georgia rule, it now seems like such an innocent example of it by comparason, but it shows all these girls are messed up emotionally by things that have happened in their lives and this is their way of dealing with that.  Kind of having this I don't give a shit attitude, and hurting others so they don't get hurt so much themselves.

Effy is a real piece of work, who you would like to say that you should stay the hell away from, but really there's more to her inside.  In fact there is more inside all of these girls.  They are all hurting emotionally.  They want the easy way out and not have to face up to how they ever really feel, emo these girls ain't, dispite Gretas journal writing, it ain't poetry by any means.

They are actually the type of girl who someone needs to be brave and actually give a shit about them, care about them, respect them, make their life worth giving a shit about.

Maybe then I can see a little of this character in me after all, that girl inside that feels misunderstood sometimes, that just wants someone to reach out and give a damn, whether or not they understand.

So I guess I can be a little relieved that I am by no means as messed up as any of these characters.